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      Sudheer Muvva - Technology

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      I began my career at IDFC BANK in August 2014, have made many friends and gathered some exciting memories over these years. I feel a sense of pride being part of the start-up in the core team that built the bank towards its path of success. IDFC BANK gave me opportunities and the flexibility to innovate, explore and contribute which further helped me recognize my potential, leading to immense personal as well as professional growth. I am enjoying working with a great team to achieve common goal to provide world class experience to our customers. I’m sure this is going to get better year after year.

      Ragavan Venkatesan - Bharat Banking

      IDFC Bank is a great place to grow both professionally and personally. IDFC senior management gave me the chance to present the MicroATM business case and necessary resources and support to develop the MicroATM channel as a separate vertical. I am also proud of the fact that the product innovation on Microatm has been embraced by all lines of business and forms a critical part of digital customer acquisition in IDFC. I find myself among a great group of colleagues who share their experience and work together in a spirit of mutual benefit.

      Aditi Taneja - Legal

      With its unique blend of a culturally rich and a functionally robust framework, IDFC has given the perfect head start to my career . The last five years at IDFC has been a truly enriching and an empowering journey for me, not just as a woman but as a person. The energy of the place has certainly kept me driven to realize my professional pursuits. It certainly has been my “happy place”.

      Liena Thakur- Marketing

      It’s been a great learning experience as I wasn’t from the Banking industry. I learn from each conversation that happen here, may be it with my boss or with my colleagues. In this few months, we have done some different things and I hope we will do more in the coming years. I have made some great friends in just few months. It’s been a great journey so far.


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